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Benefits Of Xero Integration And Accounting Automation In Australian Healthcare

The old way of accounting is no longer relevant.

There was a time when manual accounting was the norm. Today in 2020, it has become a rarity. Especially in medical facilities, the need for rapid and coherent accounting procedures is essential.

That’s why most Australian healthcare facilities today are looking towards digitisation and accounting automation. While multiple software platforms are available for this purpose, Xero stands out as one of the leaders.

But why opt for Xero integration and accounting automation? How can your medical facility in Australia benefit from this? Today, we’re going to take a close look at the many advantages that stem from accounting automation and Xero integration.

Let’s begin.

Complete Financial Status Overview

Just as a medical facility looks after its patients’ healthcare needs, Xero helps business owners look after the financial health of the facility. The software’s unique financial dashboard allows business owners to clearly see the cash inflow and outflow status of the business.

Along with that, the dashboard also provides easy links to the essential accounting features. Plus, it also allows the user to get a complete overview of the facility’s financial status. Combined together, all this helps to easily track billing, make and receive payments, and handle any discrepancies with ease.

Reduction Of Accounting Errors

Completely manual accounting is prone to errors. We are humans after all, and we make mistakes. No matter how adept a human accountant is, the error factor cannot be discounted.

With accounting automation, this error can be reduced to a bare minimum. Automated accounting systems utilise the latest algorithmic functionalities. This reduces the possibility of human errors, thus clearing the way for enhanced business efficiency management.

Ubiquitous Access

Traditional, paper-based accounting systems are limited to the use of the associated files and documents. Even legacy software accounting systems are often device specific and cannot be accessed except, from a fixed workstation. This limits the usability of the system to a large degree.

In contrast, Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution. This means once you’ve migrated to the Xero system, you can access your accounts from anywhere. Xero is not device-specific and can be used from any device. This provides you with unmatched flexibility and ease of doing business. 

Utilise Human Talent To The Maximum

Just think: delegating routine accounting tasks to human operators is a waste of manpower. Routine tasks such as invoicing can be easily taken care of by automated software systems.

This allows the human talent to be free to be utilised elsewhere. Especially in a medical facility, there’s scope for ample delegation of tasks that require actual human intervention. Routine accounting tasks are best left to software systems that can take care of it efficiently and effectively.

Automated Banking Operations

With Xero, you can easily link your accounting system with your banking service provider. This helps your medical business to set up a banking information feed that gets automatically updated with all your banking statements in real-time.

Daily updating allows your business to easily track payments and purchases. Plus, it also makes invoicing an easy task. In the long run, this helps to reduce the time as well as the cost of maintaining accounting services.

Seamless Integration And Customizability

One of the major advantages of Xero integration is that it’s extremely simple and easy to set up. Xero is a fully-fledged accounting system on its own. But it can also seamlessly integrate with other related software packages.

For example, your regular payroll management software can be easily integrated with it to manage payroll tasks seamlessly. This makes it one of the most compatible accounting packages available.

What’s more, the package can be easily modified to match your medical business needs. This unique customisation facility makes Xero integration a seamless task.


The above is only a snapshot of the multiple benefits that Xero integration and automation can provide a medical facility. In case you’re in need of the same, don’t hesitate to contact KPeyes, your trusted accounting partner.

Our experts are well adept in all aspects of Xero integration and automation. With us, you stand to reap the benefits of advanced accounting facilities and take your medical business to greater heights.

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