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Essential Metrics To Watch Out For During The Corona Crisis

Planet earth is in isolation.

The Coronavirus outbreak has driven all of us indoors. With businesses stopping work, employees working from home, and streets empty, the world is at a standstill.

Yet Australian medical facilities continue their operations unabated. Even in these trying times, our medical professionals continue to serve the citizens. And to do that properly, the businesses must operate at their most efficient.

But, how can they? With reduced staff and resources low, how can medical establishments hope to survive? And at the same time offer people the required services?

Believe it or not, the secret lies in key performance indicators.

Let’s see how.

The Importance Of KPIs In Times Of Crisis

The world today is going through a crisis unlike any other we’ve faced before. With thousands dead and more infected, the Coronavirus has ripped through the fabric of civilisation at unprecedented rates.

Naturally, medical facilities have to bear the brunt of the situation. With a greater number of patients coming in, and lesser resources than ever, the situation is tough, to say the least.

In this situation, medical facilities need to evaluate their performance not merely in terms of profit, but also in terms of value delivered to the customers. For a medical business, it’s primarily about saving lives rather than making money. And in the current global context, this is more true than ever.

To successfully achieve the desired goals of becoming life-saving institutions, medical businesses must evaluate their performance in a new light. Instead of focusing on the usual KPIs, medical facilities need to focus on situation-specific KPIs that reflect the real needs. Only through this systematic performance evaluation can medical businesses hope to serve humanity better.

In the following few sections, we are going to take a look at some of the new KPIs that medical businesses should focus on now. These are not metrics that normally tie into a medical business’s profit. Rather they are metrics that ensure that your business’s focus remains on your prime concern, the patients.

Number Of New Infections

With the virus speeding through the population, the number of infected cases is rising exponentially. What’s needed is a cogent framework for evaluating the actual number of cases within the community. 

Medical facilities need to carefully monitor, test and report every positive case with utmost urgency. It’s only by understanding the total number of new infections can experts take a call on how to flatten the infection curve.

Therefore, tracking the number of new infections is essential for medical facilities. This will allow them, as well as assist the authorities, to take important decisions.

Percentage Of Patients Recovering

The next important metric that medical facilities need to pay attention to is the number of people recovering from the Coronavirus. As there is no medicinal cure available for the disease, recoveries are mostly spontaneous.

By monitoring the number of patients recovering from the disease, experts can gain an understanding of how the virus is behaving over time. This can help to create a framework for future efforts.

Number Of Beds Available

Coronavirus infection has led to a rising influx of patients. Perhaps more than the numbers which medical facilities can currently handle. Therefore, medical facilities need to keep a close watch on the number of beds they currently have available. 

Based on that, management can take decisions regarding increasing the number of beds and resources. Also, every medical facility needs to keep a clear inventory of all the medical supplies that they have in stock. This is essential to provide the preliminary care to every patient who comes in.

Which brings us to the next point.

Ratio Of Corona To Non-Corona Patients

It must be kept in mind that not every patient who comes in with symptoms is bound to be Corona positive. Hence medical businesses need to be cognizant of the total number of Corona Vs non-Corona patients in their facilities. This can help in administering better treatment.

Final Words

With the world in the grip of fear, we at KPeyes are ready to help you out. When you are focusing on helping patients, we will take care of all your KPI needs. 

Together we shall overcome.

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