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Importance Of Clinic Utilisation As A Metric For Success

The world is already on the cusp of another wave of COVID-19. In Australia, the situation is thankfully under control due to effective vaccination. However, even in the midst of all this, the success rates of a medical business need to be measured. Otherwise, it’s possible the business, as well as health goals, might not be reached in time.

Naturally, like with any other business, the performance of a medical clinic is measured in monetary terms. And in this respect, no metric plays a more vital role than the clinic utilisation rate.

But what exactly is the clinic utilisation rate? And why is it so complicated a metric to measure? These are topics that we’re going to explore today in this discussion. Along the way, we’ll also find a way to gauge this metric better.

Let’s get going.

What Is Clinic Utilisation Rate?

Put in simple terms, the clinic utilisation rate is a measure of the proportion of clinical time or appointment slots that are being utilised. Usually measured on a daily basis, the clinic utilisation rate tells you how much of the time is being utilised in order to serve patients.

Since clinic utilisation is a direct measure of the use of your centre’s resources and personnel, the higher the number the better your performance. A heavily booked facility indicates that your clinical time slots are being used to full capacity.

However, the fact remains that the clinic utilisation rate is immensely difficult to measure accurately.

The Difficulty Of Measuring Clinic Utilisation Rate

Why is this metric so hard to gauge? Simply because it is tied to clinical scheduling, which is different in different establishments. Very few clinics, especially smaller ones with limited capacity, have a concept of using well-defined scheduling based on templates. Even in situations where scheduling templates are used, they are not well representative of the utilisation rates.

Due to the difficulty of directly measuring clinic utilisation, many businesses often use DNA rates as an indirect measure of utilisation. However, this is not always the best metric for tracking success. Focusing on just DNA rates can cause you to overlook other important factors, such as room utilisation and wait times.

So, how can we go about measuring clinic utilisation?

Measuring Clinic Utilisation: A Template-Led Approach

If you ask us, the most effective and easy way to measure clinic utilisation rate is to mirror how clinics actually function. One instance of this can be to understand that if two patients are booked with the same clinic, then what would be the approximate time for each appointment.

If the time slots overlap, can anyone be reassigned or rescheduled? Another solution would be to analyse some of their issues in advance and then transfer them to direct service.

Whatever the case, the bottom-line remains the same. For effective measurement of clinic utilisation rate, a clinic utilisation template is essential. Also, the percentage of each type of appointment should be included in the template design process. This can lead to the creation of a template with dynamic time slots.

Further, when creating a clinic utilisation template, it’s important to keep in mind that appointments usually are longer than scheduled. An effective utilisation template needs to account for this period, and handle the bookings accordingly.

In this respect, digital technology can go a long way towards removing bottlenecks. Using advanced software solutions, your medical business can get a clear idea of the kind of utilisation levels it has been able to achieve.

Final Words

And KPeyes can help you with exactly that. Using our advanced software solutions, you can keep a close watch on important metrics such as clinic utilisation rates, DNA rates, and much more. At the same time, we’re also ready to support all levels of patient-clinic relationships.

Here at KPeyes, we are a firm believer in the fact that clinic utilisation rate should play a major role in the measurement of a business’s financial performance. And by providing you with the right tools at the right time, we are all set to be your trusted partners through these unpredictable and unprecedented times.

So, don’t wait any longer, and give KPeyes a call. You can be sure it’s the best business decision you’ll ever make.

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