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Welcome to the new generation of
Medical Practice Business Intelligence.

Room Utilisation

Ensure your practice is running effectively and efficiently.

Revenue Per Hour by practice and by doctor

Monitor the revenue of your practice and track the performance of each individual consulting doctor.

Appointments per hour

Determine how many patients your team are seeing and how busy they are

DNA rate

Understand why patients are not turning up to appointments and implement process to minimise and negate this from occurring.


New Patients

Monitor marketing campaigns to see if there is a return on investment with new patients coming through the practice and by which means they found the practice.

And many

Get ready

To be amazed


Executive level financial overview


As soon as PMS or accounting system changes so does KPeyes

MBS audit

Monitor key MBS item numbers

Dynamic reporting

Interactive reports allowing practice overview through to granular level KPI’s


Financial and non-financial key practice indicators


Business advisers, practice owners and all relevant stakeholders working together

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