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KPeyes Analytics

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, leveraging data analytics is crucial for medical practices seeking to optimise performance and make better-informed decisions.

KPeyes Analytics delivers powerful insights and a comprehensive understanding of your practice’s performance to help you stay ahead of the curve and improve patient care.

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KPeyes Insights

Access refreshed data, enabling prompt decision-making and agile responses to changing circumstances.

Custom Dashboards

Tailor your analytics dashboard to display the most relevant metrics for your practice, ensuring easy access to key information.

User-friendly Interface

Navigate and interpret data effortlessly with an intuitive design and clear visualisations.

In-depth Analysis

Explore trends, patterns, and correlations to uncover hidden opportunities and make data-driven decisions.

Seamless Integration

KPeyes Analytics easily integrates with your existing systems, streamlining data analysis and minimising disruptions.


Informed Decision-Making

Leverage data to make strategic decisions that drive growth, optimise resource allocation, and enhance patient outcomes.

Streamlined Processes

Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your practice, and use data- driven insights to implement targeted improvements.

Increased Profitability

Monitor key financial metrics to identify opportunities for revenue enhancement and cost reduction.

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of industry trends and adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape by harnessing the power of analytics.


Patient Visits

Monitor patient flow, clinic workload, and optimise resource allocation.

Cancellations and DNA’s

Identify trends, optimise scheduling, and improve patient communication.

Average Revenue per Visit

Understand profitability and identify revenue growth opportunities.

Patient Wait Time

Improve practice efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction.

Billing Opportunities

Identify potential opportunities to increase billings within the practice

Doctor Utilisation

Monitor practitioner’s workload and efficiency to optimise patient care and scheduling.


Dr. Patrick O'Sullivan Clinicare Medical

"KPeyes has been a game-changer for our operations at Clinicare Medical. Its automation features have streamlined our administrative tasks, and the powerful analytics tools have informed our business decisions. The result? More time to focus on our patients and a smoother operational workflow. KPeyes is a must-have tool for any medical practice aiming for increased efficiency and superior patient care."

P Bourke Operations Manager, YourGP Group

"KPeyes has been a revelation for us at YourGP Group. The ease of integration with our current systems and the subsequent automation has been a breath of fresh air. It feels like we've added a dedicated analyst to our team who's always on the ball, providing us with key data and insights. What surprised us the most was how quickly KPeyes became an essential part of our operation. It's undoubtedly made our operations smoother and more efficient."

Kellie Adams Operations Manager, Rowville Medical

"Since introducing KPeyes into our workflow at Rowville Medical, we've experienced a tangible transformation. It feels as if we've gained an extra pair of hands, tirelessly working to streamline our processes. The time saved on administrative tasks is invaluable, and the insights we've gained from the analytics have been eye-opening. KPeyes has become an indispensable tool for us, impacting every aspect of our operations positively. I can't overstate the positive impact KPeyes has had on our operations."

Kathy Godwin Medical Practice Consultant

"In my experience as a medical practice consultant, I've interacted with various systems. Yet, KPeyes stands out for its remarkable ability to unify practice management and accounting software. It's like having an additional team member who excels in business analytics and administration. It's truly impressive and has significantly improved the workflow for the practices I've recommended it to. The clinics feel more organised, and their financial overview is clearer. KPeyes has become an integral part of their operations."

Tess K Practice Manager, Eramosa Family Medical

"Managing a medical practice comes with its fair share of complexities. However, since incorporating KPeyes into our operations, things have become significantly more manageable. It integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, simplifying our accounting and providing valuable business insights. What's more, its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to use, even for those not particularly tech-savvy. It's been like gaining an efficient, invisible team member."

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