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KPeyes – The Best Route To Increase Sales In Your Australian Healthcare Facility

There’s an easy way to increase sales in your Australian Healthcare Facility.

There was a time when healthcare businesses were run based on the sole parameters of profit and loss; those times are now long gone. In the data economy, business performance is measured more intricately. By monitoring key performance indicators, medical businesses in Australia can improve sales to a large degree.

And KPeyes is an app that is literally synonymous with measurement of key performance indicators. As its nomenclature suggests, KPeyes can help you to effectively track performance metrics. This can be of immense help to your business.

But what exactly are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? And how does KPeyes help in monitoring them? And how does it all tie-up with the concept of Business Intelligence?

Let’s take some time to find out.

The Importance of Business Intelligence

Businesses, especially medical establishments, can no longer rely on traditional analysis for success. And just as the healthcare industry is in the business of saving lives, business intelligence can be a lifesaver for it. Business intelligence provides healthcare establishments with huge amounts of relevant business data.

This data, when analysed correctly, can reveal insights to help increase business revenue. And this is exactly what the KPeyes app brings to your fingertips. The app’s unique features give you access to important performance metrics. These can contribute significantly to boosting your business.

A Bit About KPIs

Although the term KPIs suggests esoteric industrial knowledge, it can actually be explained rather simply. A KPI is, at its core, a measurable value. This value acts as an indicator to demonstrate how effectively a business is working towards achieving its key business objectives.

Medical businesses use multiple KPIs to gauge their performance for reaching targets. KPIs can be high-level, which focuses on the overall performance of the business. Or they can be low level, targeted at the performance of individual departments.

Now that we know what KPIs are, let us see how the KPeyes app can help to effectively monitor them and improve the sales in your healthcare facility.

KPeyes – Your One-Stop Solution

Measuring and tracking the right KPIs can be difficult. However, the KPeyes app makes the process seamless and intuitive. For starters, the app is available for use on tablets such as iPads. This allows you to be on top of your business from anywhere. Apart from enabling mobile oversight, the app helps to monitor critical performance parameters.

The following are some of the ways in which KPeyes can help to improve sales in your Australian healthcare facility.

Acquiring New Patients

KPeyes can be beneficial for acquiring new patients. The app allows you to effectively track marketing campaigns. This way you can monitor the volume of new patients coming in. You can also calculate and compare the return-on-investment (ROI) for every marketing campaign. The entire process gives you greater control over the number of new patients that visit your business.

Revenue Calculation and Room Allotment

KPeyes lets you make the room allocation process of your facility more efficient. Also, you can keep track of the number of patients doctors are seeing within a fixed time frame. Using the data from these observations you can then optimise your processes. This will no doubt allow you to increase the number of patients per doctor or hour. Which essentially translates to more revenue.

Optimising Appointments

Medical facilities are limited in the number of appointments they can handle per unit time. Chamber availability is one of the many constraints behind this.

Another problem that medical facilities face is that of cancelled appointments. When a patient cancels an appointment, it can become difficult to allocate the slot to another person.

Using the KPeyes app, you can monitor appointment status in real-time. This makes the process of optimising appointments a seamless one. A cancelled slot can be easily assigned to a new patient. This contributes to increased sales.

KPeyes- Your Reliable Business Partner

The KPeyes app enables you to achieve all this, and much more. The app incorporates dedicated dashboards, real-time reports, and other advanced features. Using KPeyes, you can get a clear idea of your medical business’s performance and improve upon it. Click here to get the demo now!

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