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Patient Metrics That Matter Most In 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year of unprecedented disruption for businesses. Especially for medical establishments, the problem has been compounded since they had to tackle the dual problems of an increased patient load and the economic implications of the pandemic.

Now that the worst is, hopefully, behind us, it’s time medical centres in Australia began to get back in business. However, the task is easier said than done. Measuring a medical business’s performance is a decidedly complicated subject. Unless you’re tracking the right patient metrics, you’re bound to fall behind your competition.

But you don’t have to worry much as long as we are by your side. Today, we’re going to acquaint you with some of the top patient metrics that you need to look out for in 2021. Some of these you might already be tracking, while others might be new to you. Just make sure you stick around till the end to get the full benefits of this article.

Let’s begin.

Top Patient Metrics To Keep In Mind In 2021

1. Patient Waiting Times

Patient Waiting Times, also known as Wait Times, is one of the crucial metrics you need to follow in 2021. For those who aren’t in the know, wait time refers to the time interval between a patient’s arrival at the facility and the moment they see a practitioner.

Wait times can have tremendous implications on your medical business. Longer wait times usually translate to dissatisfied patients, which ultimately leads to a loss of revenue. So, as a medical business, you should always try to reduce wait times.

At the same time, measurements of the wait times can lead to better staffing and scheduling. It can also provide better insights into how satisfied your patients are.

2. Average Patient Rooms In Use Simultaneously

This can be thought of as the occupancy rate in a hospital. The average number of patient rooms in use in the facility lets you know how well your hospital space is being utilised.

A quantitative understanding of this metric can reveal whether you need to invest in more space. It can also lead to reduced costs in case you decide to cut down on the required space.

3. Staff-to-Patient Ratio

This metric, as the name itself suggests, signifies the number of patients every staff member has to take care of. Through a proper measurement of this metric, you can get an understanding of how well your existing staff capacity is being utilised. What’s more, you can even get an inkling of whether you need to increase or reduce your present staff strength.

4. Patient Communication Levels

Unlike the other metrics mentioned in this list, this one is a qualitative metric. But it’s required nonetheless. Communication levels between the patient and the hospital staff, especially the doctors, are crucial to determining the success of your medical centre.

Proper communication can improve the quality of care patients receive at your centre. What’s more, proper communication can also improve another essential qualitative patient metric, Patient Satisfaction.

5. DNA

No discussion of essential patient metrics can be complete without a mention of DNA rates. DNA rates measure the percentage of patients who booked an appointment but did not attend. Measuring DNA rates can give you insights into how you can improve your practice and how you can bring the DNA rates down.

6. Recovery Rates

Finally, you can’t forget recovery rates. This metric measures the percentage of patient recovery. A high recovery rate naturally means more satisfied patients, better word-of-mouth, and greater exposure for your business.

Final Words

After Covid-19, the world is slowly trying to get back on track. Medical centres all over the world, Australia included, have played a crucial role in keeping the pandemic under control. Today, as we get back into the new normal, it’s time your medical facility resumes performance measurement.

And KPeyes can help you do just that. Our cutting-edge software, along with experienced professionals, is always ready to boost your bottom line. Through careful measurement of essential KPIs such as the ones listed above, we can help your business get back in business. So, get in touch with us today, and let’s explore how we can work together.

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